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Enlightenment Comes Through Engagement

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” – Mae Jemison

Throughout our lives we encounter situations that seem to be insurmountable and there is nothing that can remove the barriers regardless of how hard we try. It is as though the walls are slowly moving towards us from every angle and we seem helpless. No matter how hard we try, the walls just keep moving towards us. Just like our friends in Star Wars, the walls were closing inside the garbage container on them and to top it off there were creatures lurking in the water. Every attempt they made to save themselves seemed to make it worse and soon panic ensued.

Mae Jemison was born in Decatur, Alabama on October 17, 1957. She was the youngest of three children and her parents were Charlie Jemison and the former Dorothy Green. Charlie was a roofer and carpenter who loved to build, while Dorothy was and elementary school teacher and had a passion to raise all of her children to follow their dreams. The Jemison family felt that there were bigger opportunities to make a difference in their lives and at the age of 3, Mae and her whole family moved to Chicago.1

Mae was inspired by the world around her and went to Stanford University and earned a chemical engineering degree. After that, she did not stop and went on to the medical college at Cornell University. While at Cornell, she got to study in Cuba, Kenya, and even a Cambodian Refugee camp in Thailand. Ultimately, she became a doctor working in Los Angeles and worked for the Peace Corps in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This, however, did not stop her from her life-long dream. On June 4, 1987 Mae became the first female African-American admitted to the NASA astronaut training program and became the first African-American female in space on September 12, 1992.

The model is simple: Help the business owner with what they need to establish a digital presence and provide instruments and methods to deliver a satisfying result.

Mae attributes her success through her own personal hard work and effort and recognizes the importance of having people that helped her and supported her in her pursuit. This help her simplify tackling the impediments and obstacles she faced in her life that made her a better person and overcome almost insurmountable odds in her quest to become the first African American astronaut. Creating a digital agenda can almost feel to the business owner it is like planning a trip to the moon, but with the right format, directional guidance, and motivation anyone can preserve and accomplish their dream.

A common problem found today when devising a digital plan on your own is that it never provides a holistic answer. Websites provide help on the necessary "how-to"and "do-it-yourself", but they lack the depth and expertise or personalized support. Online website and graphic software helps simplify putting together the necessary pieces to create an environment, but the user is left disillusioned resorting to scrolling through FAQs and chat bots to find answers. Consulting firms are a source of refuge, but like the legal industry, are a transaction based model and reap great rewards on their billing models. This leaves the small to medium business owner scratching their head and wondering where to turn.

PCBDreamer focuses on one customer at a time. No job is too small. In fact, we love to help people work through wrapping your business ideas and digitizing it. The model is simple: help the business owner fanatically empower their business through a digital platform. It is not about just the creation of a website or creating a novel graphic, it is about meeting with the business owner and their team and lay out an end to end digital plan to help them become successful.

Sound expensive? No! We are result oriented and will iterate to results. We will work individually with each potential business owner to provide a structured quote and full transparency. It is simply identifying and determining the right course of action needed to succeed at a price that is significantly less than a consulting agency or some website that purports to provide guided directions and checklists. There are no markups on specified requirements or filings. We will strive to find the most economical and feasible route to make you successful. We are motivated by fulfillment of getting the job done and delivering the American dream on the digital platform.

Ultimately, Chewie, Han, Leia, and Luke had to rely on help from their companions R2-D2 and CP30 to save them from certain demise in the garbage chute. PCBDreamer is not a robot that lacks emotion and does what it is programmed to do, nor is it a pay by the drip or percentage company. It is a company that is grounded in fair treatment to all and only puts limits on what to charge a client to enable the business owner’s dream. The dream should never be limited by its constraints, but come to life the way it is meant to fulfill the lifelong ambition of a profitable business owner through digital presence. Contact PCBDreamer today and allow your imagination to be set free, and ignite your dream.


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